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Hi. Have a seat, this is your sitting friend, MUSSO.

We seamlessly integrate ergonomics into both our lives and yours. We believe ergonomics is not just for the office and not only for adults or people in pain.

Providing the comfort you need to reach peakproductivity and wellness.

h80 pro office chair

Ordinary chairs disappoint.

They compel you into awkward postures, resulting in discomfort whenever you sit for extended periods.

How we started

Our brand story stems from a steadfast pursuit of ergonomics. The founder of Musso is an experienced engineer who once endured discomfort from long hours spent in office chairs, thus resolving to create a completely different solution. Since then, our team has continuously invested in research and innovation, crafting a series of meticulously designed ergonomic chairs that provide users with the ultimate comfort experience, whether in the office or at home. The story of Musso is one of dedication, care, and creativity, with each of our products embodying this commitment.

Our design philosophy

It was time to apply our philosophy to our product design. What we believe truly affects the way we create and for us, it’s all about practical, functional minimalism. We firmly believe that the user experience is the most important factor to take into consideration, so while products should have a great degree of function, they should also be intuitive and simple to use, to unleash their full potential.

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Our furniture collection embodies a philosophy of simplicity and elegance, emphasizing clean, minimalistic designs enriched with technological advancements. This deliberate approach in both design and functionality ensures we deliver some of the market's most sophisticated and ergonomically optimized desks and chairs.

musso office chairs

Superior Construction

An exceptional design loses its value without the use of appropriate materials. We uphold our designs by selecting only the finest quality materials that meet our rigorous standards. In our material selection process, we prioritize three key aspects: lasting durability, the capacity to deliver a comfortable experience for the user, and cost-effectiveness for the consumer.

An ideal workspace is not just fancy, but comfy and healthy

Although working from home offers flexibility, it often leads to longer hours and increased sitting time. Unfortunately, many home environments do not support proper ergonomic posture, leading to discomfort and reduced productivity.

Certified First-class Materials for Best Quality

At MUSSO, all the components are made to our high specifications in different countries. As an example, our bestseller V900 Pro office chair, its breathable mesh is woven in Germany and is certified by ISO, FR-One, and OEKO-TEX. And the Class-IV-rated hydraulic system is built in South Korea and is certified by BIFMA.

TÜV Rheinland Tested

High Quality Approved

ISO12947-2 Standard

150,000 Abrasion Tests

Health Guarantee

Standard 100 Verified

Our Values

R&D Team with 100+ Professionals and Experts

Our R&D team of 100+ experts specializes in ergonomics and engineering, committed to creating top-notch ergonomic furniture for customers globally.

10,000 sq. ft. Testing Center

Our products are rigorously tested in a 10,000-square-foot center to ensure years of comfort. All chairs are BIFMA and SGS certified for added peace of mind.

Musso Ergonomics Research Institute

Our in-house ergonomics research institute equips us with industry-leading research and development capabilities, enabling us to produce breakthrough and innovative products for you.