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Shipping FAQs

Shipping Locations and Times

The shipping time frame is how long it takes for the product to reach your location. The shipping time frame is calculated from the estimated shipping date to the delivered date. Please note that each item in one order may have different estimated shipping dates due to different stock availability. 

We ship using third-party transporters. Delivery time is usually 2 to 5 working days in the EU.

When purchasing a product(s), please change the flag at the top right corner of the screen on our website to see which product/item is available for your market.

Shipping Service

We use third-party shipping partners to deliver our products to customers. However, we are now diversifying our shipping methods to provide customers with faster shipping.Currently, free shipping is only available for customers within the contiguous EU.

Keep in mind:

  • Free shipping is applied for all Musso products purchased directly on the website.
  • Please be aware that we offer ground shipping service but no other expediting shipping options.
  • For bulk orders (more than 5 desks/chairs), we will use LTL freight shipping.
Multiple Shipments

Sometimes you may find that your order is delivered in several packages. That means items are shipped from different Musso warehouses for a number of reasons:

  • By separately packaging components we may lower the risk of any damage or breakages during transit
  • We have multiple warehouse locations, and our separate packaging gives our shipping partners the flexibility to pick up and deliver your order
  • We are able to optimize our shipping costs and continue to provide you with free shipping (except oversized products)
Missing Or Lost Packages

In case you receive delivery notification of the shipment(s) via your email without finding or receiving the order(s), please try:

  • Looking around the shipping address (if you live at a residence)
  • Checking again with the receptionist at the reception area (if you live in an apartment)
  • Musso reserves the right to deny assistance or responsibility for all the lost claims, which are reported to us after 30 days from the delivery date, or because customer provides the incorrect/incomplete shipping address


Some carrier’s delivery notification can be shot out 24 hours before its actual arrival. If you still can’t find your package(s), please report the case immediately to us by live chat. So that our Customer Service Department can assist you in filing the claim and sending you a new package(s) replacement.


Order Status and Tracking
  1. Track your order through the website's order tracking page.
  2. Check the tracking number in the order confirmation email.
  3. Contact the website's online customer service or email
Order Changes and Cancellations

Musso typically ships your order within 1-2 business days. If you need to cancel or modify your order, please contact Musso promptly to cancel and receive a refund. Please reach out to our online service or email within one hour of placing your order.

For returns due to consumer reasons, the shipping cost is borne by the consumer. Specific costs depend on the courier company you choose.

For standard items cancelled before shipment, no cancellation fee will be charged.
If the received goods are damaged or incorrect due to our fault, consumers are not required to bear shipping costs.

If it has been over an hour or longer, the order will be processed for shipment and timely delivery. At this point, cancellation is not possible, and you will need to contact our online service or email The shipping cost for returning goods will be deducted from your refund. If you refuse delivery of the order, Musso will deduct the shipping cost from your refund.

Shipping Damage or Missing Parts

If your shipment is damaged or missing parts, please contact our Customer Care Team at that we can start working on a solution directly, please include:Your order number and a brief description of the situation and a picture/video showing the damage or defects. (5-10 second videos will do. The photo/video allows our quality team to assess the case and help the Customer Care Team determine how best to solve the issue.)ORWhat part(s) or item is missingWe are committed to initiating every claim within 1-2 business days of receipt and will work with you to find the best course of action. Every replacement part we ship to you is expedited to ensure we can make things right as quickly as possible.


Product Warranty

Musso's warranty policy applies exclusively to purchasers from the UK or other EU countries who directly purchase products from the official website.

If a product has defects in materials or workmanship, Musso may opt to provide free repair or replacement for the affected product. If repair or replacement is commercially impracticable or cannot be completed within a reasonable time, a refund of the purchase price for the affected product may be issued. Learn more about Musso's warranty terms here.

If a product is damaged during shipping, please contact our customer service team.

Return & Refund Policy

Return Policy

Visit our Returns Page for more information about Musso Store return policies and processes.

Damaged or Missing Parts?
If your product arrived damaged or missing parts, please contact our Customer Care Teamimmediately and we will send you a replacement right away.

Refund Processing

Refunds for returned or damaged product usually take 7-10 business days from the time we process your credit. If it has been longer than 10 days, please reach out to our Customer Care Team.View the refund policy page.

Product Information

Assembly Instructions

Assembly instructions are sent with all products requiring assembly. They are also located on the Product User Guide page of this website. If you are missing installation instructions or cannot find the information online, please contact our customer service team.

Office Chair Care Guidelines
Seating Products
  • Basic maintenance should be done on chair upholstery, finishes, controls, base, and other moving parts once a year. Maintenance should be done more frequently if the chair is subjected to heavy use.
Cleaning painted, plastic, and vinyl and chrome surfaces
  • Clean frequently by applying a household cleaner (such as Fantastik® or 409®) and wipe dry with a clean, soft cloth. For stubborn chrome marks, use a non-abrasive chrome cleaner.
On high-gloss, smooth plastic finishes
  • Use a light rubbing compound (such as Turtlewax® rubbing compound) to erase minor surface marks.
Wood finishes
  • Musso wood products are protected by a stain-resisting finish. For normal cleaning, wipe surface with a soft, damp (not wet) cloth.
Maintaining fabric upholstery
  • Use a vacuum cleaner for regular cleaning. Do not steam clean. Periodic professional dry cleaning is recommended.
Removing fabric upholstery stains or heavy soil
  • Soak up excess stain with a cloth. Do not dry the stain completely or it may set.
  • For most water-borne stains (coffee, fruit juice, washable ink), use an upholstery cleaning solution (such as BISSELL Upholstery Shampoo® or Guardsman Fabri-Kleen®) and follow package directions.
  • For oil-borne stains, use a dry-cleaning solution at room temperature (never hot) and allow solution to work into stain. Using quick, light strokes, brush stain with a soft bristle brush. Work from outside toward the center to prevent rings. Avoid vigorous rubbing which may damage the nap or force the stain more deeply into the material. Soak up remaining dry-cleaning solution and sponge the fabric with cool water.
  • Allow fabric to dry completely, then vacuum thoroughly. If stain is still evident, repeat procedure. Several light applications of cleaning solution are more effective/less damaging than one heavy application.
Maintaining leather upholstery
  • Dust occasionally with a clean, dry cloth.
  • Remove most stains by applying a mild soap to a damp cloth, working up thin suds, then rubbing it gently over the stain. Rinse with a clean damp cloth then wipe dry.
  • Never use furniture polishes, oils, varnishes or ammonia on leather.
  • Some cleaning products may cause discoloration and should be tested in an inconspicuous area before using.

Payment Method

PayPal+Credit+ Klarna

We now accept PayPal and various credit card payments. At the same time, we also support Klarna installment payment. If your payment fails (note: you may have a bad consumption record), please change your credit card or use PayPal to pay. When using a credit card, please be sure to use a credit card in your name to place an order in order to successfully pass the review.. We are working hard to accept more payment methods in the future to make your payment more convenient.

Bulk Order

Bulk Order Services

We warmly welcome companies or other types of organizations to make bulk purchases. For orders of 5 chairs or more, we offer greater discounts. Please visit our Group Purchasing page.

Special Group Discount

Special Offer

Musso is committed to philanthropy, offering humanitarian care to special societal groups. We provide special discount offers to teachers, doctors, military personnel, students, movers, and chiropractors as a token of appreciation for their contributions.