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Who Are We?

Musso was founded in 2011 and has been deeply dedicated to the field of ergonomic products for many years. Its mission is to enhance people's lives through innovative and ergonomically designed furniture solutions. Being a member of our affiliated partners means that you can enjoy various product discounts from Musso, generous commissions on large orders, and our comprehensive support.


Commission Rate: 10%-30%


Average Order Value (AOV):>$400+


Day Cookie Duration: 30

We're Looking For...

Content Creators &Influencers

We are looking for you! Not only can you help your community improve their work habits,but their purchases can also benefit you!

Tech Review & Ranking Websites

Are you a devoted fan of online rankings and review postings?
If so, we'd like to collaborate with you! You can gain more users and
generate revenue through our partnership.

Media Publishers

If you're a tech news network,media outlet, or podcast seeking to increase your income, you can leverage your skills to promote us to your audience and incorporate affiliate links.

Online Deal Websites/Communities

We regularly update special offers to provide your website/community users with more purchasing choices, helping you increase your
income through user transactions.

Creator Privileges

Product Samples

Receive sponsored products from Musso. Create your dream setup & share with your audience.

Exclusive Access

Be the first to get your hands on the latest products & prototypes from Musso.


Become an affiliate & earn 10%-30% commission with unlimited earnings.

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If you haven't registered for a Impact account before, please Click Here create a Impact Publisher account.


1. What is an affiliate program, and how does it operate?

An affiliate network marketing program offers a third-party platform that allows affiliate marketers (also known as partners or publishers) to earn commissions by boosting a merchant's traffic or sales. In our program, we exclusively support CPA partner relationships. We provide banners, links, coupon codes, and other creative materials to our affiliates. You can then share them via tracking links on your website or social media. If customers make purchases in our store through your link, we will remit a commission to you.

2. Who are eligible to apply for Musso Affiliate Program?

Anybody, no matter if you’re a gamer, composer, creator, influencer, have a love and passion for gaming, or just need to sit for a long time.
It’s free to join Musso Affiliate Program.

3. Why should I become a Musso partner? How much can I earn?

Becoming a Musso partner gives you access to unique promotions. Competitive commission fees eliminate your worry about growing your revenue slowly. It’s a win-win! You can earn as much as you want. The limit is endless.

4. What is the commission rate?

We offer a commission rate ranging from 10% to 30%. Exceptional members are eligible for higher commission levels.

5. When can we expect to receive commissions?

For Impact affiliates: Impact will disburse payments on a monthly basis. All checks will be sent to the billing contact provided in the affiliate application form. Please ensure that your billing information is accurate for successful payments.Kindly provide your PayPal account details in your Impact account.

6. Is there a discount when making purchases through my affiliate link?

There are no discounts applied to your affiliate link, but a portion of each sale made through your affiliate link will be credited to you! However, we do run seasonal promotions and discounts from time to time — that is the best time to let your audience know that they can support you by making a purchase through your link.

7. Does this mean I get a free Musso product if I get accepted?

All new affiliate can purchase Musso with 15% off and will have a chance to get a free of the chair or other reward if you make five chair sales within one year.

For outstanding content creators, we provide free sample support for content creation.

8. How can I keep track of my sales and commissions?

Log into the affiliate backend and you'll see a personal dashboard with real-time monitoring to see the immediate results of your work.

9. Can I get a unique discount code to promote my brand?

We support exclusive discount codes for individual creators. You need to contact the Musso administrator to set up. You can also customize your afiliate referral link. Purchases made through your affiliate link will reward you with generous commissions, so be sure to reach your audience. Know to buy through your link!

Contact Us

For any additional questions or suggestions regarding the Musso Alliance Program,
please do not hesitate to reach out to us via email. We are constantly prepared to improve our services for our partners and customers.